Question and Answers about Keratin Treatments

Questions:  Is the Keratin Treatment good for Natural clients or clients transitioning out of a Relaxer?

Answer:  Yes, The Keratin Treatment can give natural clients more versatility.  It allows women go from curly to straight without using a chemical.

Question:  What is the Difference between Relaxer and Keratin Treatments and what are the benefits?

Answer:  The difference between Relaxers and the Keratin Treatments, Relaxers break down the bonds of the hair strand whereas the Keratin strengthens and builds protein within the hair.  Keratin is a conditioning treatment that promotes growth and it also gives the hair the ability to be straightened with minimal frizzing whether it is curly or straight.

Question:  Will the Keratin Treatment make my natural hair stronger?

Answer:  Yes, When doing the Keratin Treatment the hair becomes healthier and growth rate is faster.

Pictures of our Keratin Treatment